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Spare parts for knitting machines

Needles and parts for circular and flat knitting machines

We have been selling needles and spare parts for circular and flat knitting machines for over 40 years and since 2007 we have been official agents of Shibata Needle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a Japanese company producing needles for circular knitting machines. Every day we help our customers optimize their production of knitwear providing them high quality needles and spare parts for their circular and flat knitting machines. 

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Giovannini Giorgio

Our catalogue

Needles, sinkers, jacks, toothed belts and spare parts: explore our selection of products starting from this menu, or contact us now to find the items you are looking for! In our warehouses in Florence and Prato and in our representative office in Milan we have a wide range of needles and parts for knitting machines that allow us to respond efficiently and quickly meet the needs of our customers throughout Italy, Europe and overseas!

Dealer of Shibata needles from Japan

Why choose us?

Our aim is to assist our customers in every phase of their request and to help them identifying the product they are looking for. If you know it, please provide us with the code of the product you are looking for or with some basic information (such as gauge and model of the knitting machine). We will be happy to help you identifying the type of needle or the product that suits your needs.

If you feel like you are looking for a “needle in a haystack”, don't worry, we are here for you! We have over 2000 different products in stock, including needles and sinkers of all brands, closed loop timing belts or by the meter, pulleys, feeders, textile markers (pens and bottles), spare parts in general for circular knitting machines Orizio, Terrot, Mayer & Cie., Jumberca, etc, but also needles, jacks, brushes and stitch pressers for Shima Seiki, Stoll, Protti, Universal and many more knitting machines. You won't find an equally experienced and responsive company. Contact us now, we won't leave your knitting machines idle!

Giovannini Giorgio


It is our watchword. We sell needles and spare parts of high quality only for circular and flat knitting machines.

Giovannini Giorgio


Each day for over 40 years we have been helping our customers around the world with promptness and efficiency. You can count on our long experience, deep industry knowledge and helpfulness.

Giovannini Giorgio

Wide choice

Our two warehouses in Florence and Prato and our representative office in Milan serve customers of the textile district of Prato, throughout Italy, Europe and overseas.