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The history of the Giovannini company has always revolved around needles: firstly around needles for sewing machines and then around needles for knitting machines. Giorgio Giovannini has started working in the textile industry in the 70s and his daughter Francesca has joined him in 2000. The sale of needles has changed a lot over the years, switching from door-to-door sales directly at knitwear manufacturing companies to sales nowadays almost exclusively done over the telephone or online. Of course, human contact is a must, in fact our is an industry in which almost everyone knows each other. Our customers, which produces ready-to-wear fashion, synthetic fur, knitted fabric and knitwear, generally know who are the dealers of needles and spare parts for knitting machines in Italy and which are the worldwide brands to rely on. In order to expand our range of articles and to offer our customers always high quality products, in 2007 we have started a close collaboration with Shibata Needle Manufacturing Co. Ltd, a historic Japanese company that exclusively produces needles for circular knitting machines.

Giovannini Giorgio

The result of the long-term collaboration between Giovannini and Shibata Needle Manufacturing is a deep synergy, which combines Italian creativity with Japanese rigor and precision. In 2013, we personally visited the factory in Japan and tested the quality of their products first hand. In 2015, together with the managers of Shibata, we attended the ITMA Fair in Milan, an event that gave us the opportunity to strengthen our working relationship even more.

To date, our customers can count on a large warehouse of needles and spare parts for knitting machines in Florence, on an additional warehouse in Prato, managed by our valuable collaborator Giacomo Guidotti, owner of the company Rifiltex srl and on a representative office in Milan. Our warehouses in Florence and Prato and our office in Milan assist customers of the textile district of Prato, of all over Italy and also of Europe and overseas. 

Have you ever focused on the importance of a needle?

In Japan, the Ceremony of the Broken Needles (Hari-Kuyō) has been celebrated for centuries. According to tradition, on February 8, women express their gratitude at the temple to old, broken and oxidized needles for the service rendered during the year.

All this to say that even small details such as needles have always played an important role in the daily life of all of us and of course also in the production of industrial knitwear.

It is definitely appropriate to say that… details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail (Leonardo Da Vinci).

Giovannini Giorgio

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Needles, sinkers, jacks, toothed belts and spare parts: explore our selection of products starting from this menu, or contact us now to find the items you are looking for! In our warehouses in Florence and Prato and in our representative office in Milan we have a wide range of needles and parts for knitting machines that allow us to respond efficiently and quickly meet the needs of our customers throughout Italy, Europe and overseas!